Description – Task 3

Task 3: Chart of Radioactive Ion Beams in Europe – CRIBE (GANIL)

Contributing institutes: GANIL, IFJ PAN

A huge volume of data concerning produced or predictable radioactive-ion beams (RIBs) available at different nuclear facilities in Europe exists in principle. Access to these data, which is of great interest for researchers in many fields of science, is quite complicated today. A unique, homogeneous and easily accessible database for all European RIB facilities, present and future, is not available.

The main idea of this activity is to collect available data (essentially intensities and energies) of radioactive-ion beams produced in the existing European nuclear facilities dedicated to the production and the acceleration of RIBs. Both low-energy (at the exit of a mass separator) and post-accelerated RIBs will be taken into account. These data will be accessible and visualised through a nuclear chart. The experience already gained at GANIL in this type of project will be used to carry out this project successfully. This chart will present beams that are already available in the nuclear facilities (ALTO, GANIL, GSI, ISOLDE, Jyväskylä University, LNL, LNS, SLCJ, CCB) or that will become available during the ENSAR2 period 2015 – 2019).

The chart will be publicly accessible via a website and will be distributed to interested industrial partners.